Low Radiation Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

Why Install PROMOLUX?

Why install PROMOLUX for your seafood specialty lighting?

PROMOLUX specialty display lamps are the perfect lighting choice for seafood display cases.

1. Maintain strong visual appeal

Natural colors remain true with PROMOLUX supermarket seafood lamps because they have a more balanced visible spectrum than other fluorescent lamps, including more of the red and blue wavelengths, and more moderate levels of the most damaging visible spectrum wavelengths, yellow and green.

2. Longer Shelf Life

PROMOLUX retail seafood lighting also emits lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in grocery seafood departments. Maintain better efficiency in refrigerated seafood display cabinets by keeping heat and UV light emissions low.

3. A Good Investment

PROMOLUX lamps can pay for themselves in less than 90 days. Supermarkets work hard to win customers and gain a competitive edge and must invest heavily in equipment, store design, merchandising, labor, electric power and advertising. By comparison, the cost of investing in PROMOLUX lamps is proportionately insignificant.

Independent fish markets and seafood stores using PROMOLUX find that sales increase and losses are greatly reduced in their seafood cases. The savings they experience in just a few weeks convinces them they have made the right decision and when we ask them two years later how they are doing, they couldn't be more satisfied!

Do the Right Thing for Your Cases and Switch to PROMOLUX - it will be the best decision for your for business.

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