Low Radiation Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

Specialty Seafood Lighting

PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lighting will illuminate all your fresh colorful seafoods to maximize the effectiveness of your seafood displays. For a spectacular visual appeal of your fresh seafoods and for a longer shelf life of delicate fish products, install PROMOLUX lamps.

Increase sales and reduce losses. Many retailers cover their initial investment in less than 90 days. Making the simple change in your display case lighting products, will prove the cost effectiveness and value of using a specifically engineered food lighting source.

Benefits of Specialty Lighting in Fresh Fish Displays

PROMOLUX display lighting gives retailers the ultimate merchandising advantage for seafood and fish displays. Unlike conventional lighting, the balanced safe spectrum of PROMOLUX does not distort colors with too much yellow or green. Under PROMOLUX lamps, all seafood colors are more natural and appealing.

PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lighting is food safe--designed to provide the best appearance of fresh display cases, to improve temperature control and to promote maximum shelf life.

Fish Displays Not Pulling Their Weight?

Conventional all purpose lighting used in seafood display cases often have a negative impact on the already short shelf life of seafood displays. Heat emitted from seafood display case lighting can raise the temperature of shellfish and finfish displays to unsafe levels. Even a slight rise in temperature above the ideal 29°F can cause bacteria to grow exponentially.

Researchers have found that when finfish are stacked several layers high, the fish on the top can be up to 25°F warmer than the fish sitting on the ice, indicating that layered fish displays are particularly sensitive to the heating effects of seafood display case lighting.

With prolonged exposure to heat and UV radiation from general purpose lighting, seafood decomposes and begins to smell fishy. At the same time, heat and ultraviolet radiation dehydrates seafood displays, causing finfish and shellfish to shrink and weigh less than they should, directly affecting retailers’ profit since seafood is generally sold by weight.

Protect yourself and your seafood showcases - opt for PROMOLUX lighting for the winning combination of outstanding seafood displays and superior product freshness

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