Low Radiation Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

Fish Food Safety

PROMOLUX Balanced Spectrum lighting safely illuminates fresh seafood and reveals its natural colors and textures. Installing PROMOLUX lamps will help maximize the value of your seafood case. Together, the longer shelf life and impressive visual appeal of your fresh seafood showcase will generate higher sales value and category savings, for stronger profit margins.

Increased sales and reduced losses, with a return on investment many retailers experience in less than 90 days, will prove the cost effectiveness of making a simple change in lighting products.

Benefits of Specialty Lighting in Fresh Fish Displays

PROMOLUX display lighting gives retailers the ultimate merchandising advantage for seafood and fish displays. Unlike conventional fluorescent lighting, the balanced spectrum of PROMOLUXis engineered on the fundamentals and science of safe food lighting and therefore ensures a higher level of protection and color presentation for the best looking showcases possible.

PROMOLUX lighting is designed for extra food safety in retail display cases which merchandise fresh and perishable foods. Promoting internal case conditions which include more stable temperature control, improved appearance and integrity and extended shelf life.

Why is the Safety And Shelf Life of Seafoods At Risk?

Unsaturated oils in seafood, especially for fatty fish like mackerel and salmon, can become rancid and develop off-odors and off-flavors when exposed to oxygen.

Conventional all purpose lighting incorrectly used in seafood display cases impacts the shelf life of fish in part to the abundance of radiated heat and light. Specific wavelengths of the spectrum are quite damaging to certain foods and many light sources are skewed towards one of those ends of the spectrum.

Perishable foods like fish and shellfish may already carry bacteria and toxins which are quite harmless UNLESS conditions elevate their growth rate and exacerbate the problem. When perishable foods are exposed to air, light and heat, photo and lipid oxidation begins to set in. Foods start to undergo chemical changes; they start to ripen, decompose and lose their nutritional integrity, appeal, flavor and natural aroma.

It has been recorded that the temperature variation between fish fillets on the ice bed and those exposed on the top layer, can be as much as 25°F.

With prolonged exposure to heat and UV radiation from general purpose lighting, fish mongers and seafood markets risk losing much more than just their "daily catch;" they risk the health and satisfaction of their shoppers.

PROMOLUX balanced spectrum, low radiation lights filter over 86% of of the damaging spectrum, heat and light ensuring both retailer and customer are rewarded with fresh looking, fresh tasting and safe to eat seafood.

Learn more about how PROMOLUX will benefit your seafood stand or fish market, contact us right now!



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