Low Radiation Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

Fresh Seafood Displays

Optimize your seafood displays

The full balanced spectrum of PROMOLUX food lighting enriches the attraction of seafood showcases. PROMOLUX lights offer the perfect blend of advanced color rendering needed for the many subtle hues in each fish fillet.

The most suitable light source for seafood displays - PROMOLUX lighting, will maximize the fresh natural appearance of fresh fish, and entice customers to buy while the seafood is fresh. For superior seafood merchandising displays in your store, install PROMOLUX.

Prolong the shelf life of fresh seafood displays

PROMOLUX lamps reduce light induced fading of colors and protect seafoods from photo oxidation. They also prevent ice beds from rapidly melting.

When seafoods are displayed under any kind of lighting fixture there is always the risk of damage to the surfaces of the fish portions exposed to light. Exposure over time from the effects of heat and light radiation, caused particularly by the infrared, ultraviolet and certain portions of the visible spectrum. Ample scientific data confirms the damaging effects of exposing fish and shellfish to natural and artificial light. Fish products stored in dark cool places remain fresh longer.

When it is time to bring the delicate seafood items into the light for retail display, the natural processes of degradation starts to accelerate and flavors diminish.

What retailers can do is to place sensitive seafoods under lighting that protects the appearance and freshness of that item. Maintain spectacular true color definition of all fresh seafood displays and keep sales going strong!

PROMOLUX Lamps have One of the Highest Filtration Properties of any Llight

Tests comparing comparing brands of comparable fluorescent lighting have shown that PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lamps emit lower levels of radiation: 52% less UVA radiation, a longer wavelength that affects food surfaces; and 86% less UVB radiation - a shorter wavelength that penetrates into foods and causes heating.

PROMOLUX is a lamp that protects your business and your fresh seafood items for future sustainability.

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