Low Radiation Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable


Don't let your seafood display cabinets become the weak link in your merchandising program. By using inferior case lamps, your seafood products become susceptible to hot spots which will cause visible damage and result in lost sales and shopper appeal.

What makes Seafood Display Case Lighting so Important?

The type of lighting that is used in seafood display cases is extremely important. All lights emit heat and light however, in many showcases the type of light being used emits too much ambient light and heat has a negative impact on the freshness and integrity of seafood.

Heat and ultraviolet radiation dehydrates seafood displays, causing finfish, shellfish, and crustaceans to lose moisture content. This affects their sale weight and directly impacts profits.

With prolonged exposure to heat and UV radiation seafood, freshly caught whole fish and fish fillets rapidly spoil, producing a "fishy" smell which is an obvious indicator of seafood gone bad. Fresh seafood should have a subtle aroma not an overwhelming "fishy smell".

If fish or seafood cannot be sold while it is fresh,then it must be discarded. As a result, fish worth $20 per pound represents a significant loss to the fish monger, especially if the item has just lost its natural moisture content and appeal due to improper lighting, AND of which could have been prevented.

Shrinkage is the lost value from marking down prices on seafood that no longer appeals, is close to it's sell by date, those items that must be discarded because of premature spoilage and theft. Large full service fish counters can have shrinkage rates up to 15% whereas small full service counters can have shrinkage rates up to 5%.

Service displays showcase the best fillets, fish steaks and assortment of seafood items. And because they are displayed as unpackaged items, they are the most delicate and require proper case lighting to support the longevity of the product.

PROMOLUX Lights Help to Cut Shrinkage Rates in Half!

PROMOLUX Lighting International makes specialized lighting for seafood display cases, combining the merchandising advantages of superior color definition with the benefits of longer shelf life and is the only light source that should be used in seafood showcases.

PROMOLUX has for over 30 years brought retailers a cost-effective way to save money, save product while creating distinctive looking showcases that boast full color presentation that captures shoppers attention.

Display your fresh seafoods under PROMOLUX food lighting.

To order PROMOLUX, contact us (Toll Free) at 1-800-519-1222.



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